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Writing & Directing

   "Give Us A Smile" is a reimagining of the infamous seating of what would become one of the most recognizable pieces of art in history, the Mona Lisa. An agitated and financially stunted Leonardo da Vinci is seeking repayment for a previous commission. Unfortunately for Lisa del Giocondo, she is the price that is to be paid. It is a man's world and she has to live with it. The duo are like oil and vinegar. Will the debt be paid? Is there something to be learned from one another? Oh, and Leonardo's not so talented pupil, Alessio, he's there too.



   This story, which started out as a play, spoke to me so strongly that I decided to make it into a screenplay and make my directing debut. This was a script that was every ounce of me and all of the things that I am passionate about. I am a lover of my Italian heritage, art history and am an advocate for gender equality. Not to mention, my innate desire to make people laugh. What intrigued me most about this idea was the notion that so often women are looked at, whether they are criticized, desired, or everything in-between. The Mona Lisa is considered the most recognizable piece of art in the world, yet, so little is known about the subject. Most do not care and others simply ask, "Is she smiling?" -Director's Statement


July, 2022

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